Goodbye procrastination… Hello world

I saw a little decorative sign sitting in one of those Valentines Day window displays. It said ‘All you need is love and the beach’. What a coincidence as that has been my motto for the past five years! My family and I did our own sea change back then and ever since we have been happier than ever. I don’t know if its the salty air or the sea breeze (I’m sure it all helps!), but we and the water just fit.


That brings me to this notion; changing your environment really can change your life for the better.

Whether its a brand new start, or a freshen up of your current surroundings. It could also be a career change or a return to the world of study. Some may even catch the travel bug. Whatever it is that you want, you really just have to get off your backside and go retrieve it. No one is going to bring it to you on a plate (it’s like what Lorde tells us ‘-¬†we’ll never be royyyyals’. That song has made up permanent residency in my head it seems!) It’s okay, procrastination used to be my friend too, just not anymore.

Now I’m off to manifest that little sign onto my bookshelf…

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